Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The sweet smell of Spring

Along with the promise of warm weather and blue skies, Spring brings with it some of the most wonderful smells in the world.

One of my very favorites is Confederate Jasmine.  It's a quick grower and is great when used as a privacy screen, or just to hide something unsightly.  Our pool equipment is hidden behind this one.

You'd also ever know it, but this vine structure also serves as our outdoor shower.  No, we don't routinely shower naked in the backyard for all the world to never know when you might want to run for public office, and we can't have any youtube videos in circulation. 

There's a shower head hidden somewhere towards the top of that vine, and we primarily use it for a quick spritz after getting out of the pool.

But for a few weeks every April, I can't get enough of the smell of Confederate Jasmine.  The minute I walk outside, the sweet aroma envelopes me and fills me with a  sense of .....ahhhhhhh.

 There's no greater argument for the benefits of aromatherapy than Springtime in the South. 


  1. Shannon, that is just beautiful. We're suppose to get a little snow this weekend so I'm longing for another trip to NOLA, this will have to do.

  2. If only I could smell it through the computer screen! I love an outdoor shower. How lucky you are to have one!