Wednesday, April 20, 2011

...and with this ring....

In case some of y'all have been living under a rock and missed my shouts of eldest daughter, Megan, is engaged!!  They've been engaged for just over a month now and the wedding plans are moving along nicely.  The orignal plan was to just wait until after she and her fiance'. Matt, take the Bar exam in late July before they began any hardcore wedding planning, but after talking to a few vendors at a Bridal show a few weeks ago, we realized that many venues and vendors are already booking up for Fall of 2012. 
Can you even imagine that?!?

So....the planning has begun!

But I digress.....I figure most people have already seen "THE RING", so I'm safe now in posting a picture now on the www.  Here ya go.....isn't it beautiful??  And believe me, this picture doesn't do it justice.  If you could put Meg in the form of a ring, this one would sum up her personality perfectly. I can't believe what a great job Matt did in picking this ring out.  A++++

Think back to when you got your engagement you remember how you couldn't look at it you caught glimpses of it in the mirror, or as you were holding a glass, or doing any number of mundane elegant and foreign it looked on your hand?  How it reminded you that someone loves you with all his heart and you'll be sharing a lifetime together.  So much love, anticipation, hope life goes on...memories wrapped up in a tiny band of diamonds.


  1. WOW, what a gorgeous ring! Happy Wedding Planning.

  2. That is a gorgeous ring!!!! I am so happy for all of you.

    I still sometimes find myself playing with my engagement ring (and it has been on my finger for 25 years or so!) catching the light with it! I especially love the way it looks under the lights at church LOL I think I walked around with my hand floating in the air for weeks after I got it. Ahhh...the memories!

  3. Matt did indeed do a wonderful job picking out the ring! It is stunning and it is in the perfect place on Meg's finger.

  4. this is like a fairytale romance...I have loved following it! What a gorgeous ring!!!
    And now we know what Michelle does at church!! HA!