Tuesday, November 15, 2011

LSU - 2011 Homecoming on "The Row"

Steve and I headed to Baton Rouge last Saturday for LSU's Homecoming Festivities.  I love walking along sorority row to see the decorations. 

It was a cool, slightly overcast day, but it never rains in Death Valley on a Saturday, so we knew we were safe.

Of course, I had to start with the "Mad Hatter".  We love Les!!
For homecoming, each sorority pairs with a fraternity to make decorations.  The decorations are placed outside the sorority house the night before Homecoming.  It always amazes me how creative these kids are and how HUGE the decorations are year after year.


Wait...that Golden Girl and Les look vaguely familiar to me.


It's the Honey Badger and a Golden Girl...or is it???

Me and Devan...and Mike the Tiger

Dad, Devan and Mom.  She's already a Junior...where did the time go?

The ZTA house...our favorite!

Now, these are true fans!!

...and of course Mike!!

The clock tower...which plays the alma mater on the hour.

Hmmmm....looks like appropriate transportation for visiting teams.

It was a special Homecoming...being No. 1 in the nation and all...(bwaaa haaaaa)...who knows how long this ride will last?

In the meantime...

LSU #1