Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Orleans Bridal Shower Luncheon

One of the reasons I was away from blogland for a while (aside from being a lazy slug) was my eldest daughter's wedding.  Anyone who's planned a wedding knows that it is not a one night affair.  There are MANY pre wedding parties and events to host and/or attend....and the planning...and shopping....and DIY projects...and waiting for RSVP cards to arrive...and organizing gifts.  It is SOOOO much fun, but man, it does keep you busy.

Anyway, I thought I'd revisit the New Orleans Bridal Shower which was in June of 2012.  I say New Orleans because there were also several Mississippi wedding events, since that's where the groom is from.  If I can find some decent pictures, I'll do separate posts on each of those. They were FUN!

But back to this one, it was held at Ralph's on the Park which is a gorgeous restaurant overlooking New Orleans City Park.

Of course, you can't have a New Orleans Bridal Shower....or really any event in New Orleans, without a bar!  Your choice of Mimosas and other champagne cocktails, red or white wine, Brandy milk punch.....all on a gorgeous balcony overlooking City Park.

Speaking of bars and just knew that's where I'd find the Bride and her maids....

But I digress.....the favors were small almond scented soaps bought locally from Bayou Soap Company (check out their Facebook page).  Oh my, did they smell wedding cake.

They were super simple to decorate....a length of lace ribbon, a length of raffia, secured on the back with a round sticker with the phrase "From Megan's Shower to Yours" and the date.  Super simple.

Over a bottle or two or three of wine at my house the day before, the groom's mom and one of the bridesmaids did the floral arrangements...hydrangeas, roses and calla lilies.  I cut some ginger lily from my yard to help give the bottom of the vases some interest, and we filled the others with pearls.   We also sprinkled Mercury glass candles on the tables and around the room. 

Another fun thing was "Date Night" suggestions.  Each table had a frame explaining what to do, and cards and pens for the guests to share their suggestions.

The cards were then placed into a tulle filled Apothecary jar located on the gift table.

A good way for guests to get to know the story of the bride and groom is by playing the "Left/Right game".  There was a gift on each table.  At a designated time, the Maid of Honor got up and read the comical story of the bride and they met, their courtship, engagement, etc.  Each time the words "right or left" were used, the gift was passed around the table in the appropriate direction.  At the end of the story, whoever held the gift got to keep it.  It was hysterical.

We also played the "What's in your purse game?"  Talk about getting to know people better....who knew someone would actually have extra underwear!

The bride decided to be traditional and open her gifts at the shower.  And man, did she have some gifts to open!

The dutiful Maid of Honor (baby daughter) kept track of each gift.

and the cake......

Oh man....the cake was from Ambrosia Bakery, a Baton Rouge bakery that my daughter fell in love with while a student at LSU.  It was traditional white wedding cake with Pecan Praline filling.  My husband, being the devoted Dad he is, made the 2.5 hour round trip trek to Baton Rouge to pick up the cake.  No, those girls don't have him wrapped around their finger at all....noooooooo.

All in all, I think a good time was had by all. 

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  1. Thank you for such a beautiful bridal shower! Like most things with the wedding, it went by too quickly!

  2. Awesome photos! You all are looking so pretty in these dresses. It reminded me of my friend’s bridal shower at one of Malibu wedding venues. We all friends were dressed in different colorful dresses. It was truly best day I have ever spend with my friends.