Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's Christmas time in New Orleans (in my best Louis Armstrong voice)

St. Louis Cathedral

Steve and I took a break from the hectic pace of the Christmas season to head down to the French Quarter.  We live about 15 minutes away, and try to do this as often as possible, but not nearly enough as we'd like.  I especially love the Quarter and downtown area during Christmas.

Here a buggy driver waits in front of the Cathedral for his next fare.

Love this shot and perspective of the Cathedral.


Here's the Cabildo, which sits adjacent to St. Louis Cathedral.  It was the original seat of Colonial Government in New Orleans, and was also the site of the Louisiana Purchase transfer ceremonies in 1803. It continued to be used by the New Orleans city council until the mid 1850s.  In 1911 the Cabildo became the home of the Louisiana State Museum. The museum displays exhibits about the history of Louisiana from its settlement up through the Reconstruction era, and the heritage of the ethnic groups that live there.

The Ritz-Carlton on Canal Street all decked out for the holidays.


A view of the street car tracks down Canal Street.

And, of course, no trip to the Quarter is complete without a trip to Cafe du Monde!

What'll it be? au lait and beignets.

Hope you enjoyed the mini-tour.

Joyeux Noel!!!


  1. I remember a Palm Sunday I spent at St. Louis Cathedral a few years back, it was breathtaking. I'm glad you include Café du Monde, I can't imagine pictures of NOLA without it. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas my friend.

  2. Thanks for the tour! I would love to see your area in person one of these days. Now I have a big craving for some coffee and a beignet!!

  3. Some day I will visit your fine city. It looks SO beautiful. Thanks so much for the tour. I have had a beignet (or three!) and they are soooo sinfully good!


  4. Great pictures of your beautiful city. Victoria loved her visit to Café du Monde.

  5. I imagined a tour guide voice on the bit about the Cabildo. :0)