Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas PJ's and other snuggly things

The children were nestled...on either side of their mom.

It has become a tradition in our family that Santa's elves deliver packages a little early to be opened on Christmas Eve.  Inevitably, those boxes contain new, fuzzy, flannel PJ's.  Now living in South Louisiana, many times we have to turn the A/C down reeeeaaaaal low in order to wear these PJ's without suffocating, but this year we were in luck.  Old Man Winter decided to pay a visit just in time for the flannel to come out of the box.  It just so happened that this year, we all got matching PJ's, except for Dad.....

What a trooper

he got a "Major Award".  
(You know that man must love me to put up with my shenanigans.) 

 This is a bittersweet Christmas for us, because it's the very last one we'll spend with just our little "family of four" under the same roof.  Our eldest, Megan, will graduate from law school in May and move out into the big, working world to a place of her own.  So, you know, I'm gonna milk this year for all it's worth; however, because they'll all kill me if I post any actual pictures of Christmas morning, you'll just have to use your imagination...except for this one....cause it sums the morning up perfectly.

And while we're on the subject of snuggly things, here are the girls "helping" our Yorkiepoo, Lola, open her gift. 

...and I think she likes it...

 ...enough to drag her ratty old "Bo Bo" into her new home.

Lola asks that you please excuse her messy hair right now. She couldn't get to the beauty parlor in time for the holidays and is looking a little unkept.  Underneath it all, is a pampered pooch waiting to be unleashed. 

 And then there are the cats.  This is Talia (our other cat, Angel, decided she didn't want to participate in the festivities...she's a bit of Diva) and as you can see, she looks positively thrilled that we ousted her from her usual napping place under the dining room table.

So, those are a few of our warm snugglies from Christmas 2010...PJ's and all. 
Hope your holidays were full of whatever makes you all warm and toasty inside.


  1. Shannon,if you hadn't said that you were sitting between your two girls one would just assume that the three in the picture were sisters. Love the new PJ's and of course your baby sitting on her new bed. Merry Christmas my friend.

  2. You three are the cutest things ever. I love the flannel pajama tradition that you have. I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful day together.