Saturday, December 11, 2010

Everybody gather 'round the's time to sing YMCA

Nope, your eyes haven't deceived you.  It is actual Merman Christmas ornaments, a la The Village People!!!  Spotted these hotties in a little shop in the French Quarter last night.

Sadly, the shop was closed or you know...YOU KNOW...I would've had to run in and buy at least one of them...hmmm...which one....probably the Santa Merman...he's super hot....check out those abs...and I'm pretty sure he's sipping on a Cosmo.

Not quite sure what these have to do with Christmas, but I had to share them with you.  Imagine the decorating possibilities with these entire tree..and it would be sooooo glammed up...maybe a boa garland...and lots of lights....Judy Garland's "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas" softly playing in the background.   I'm pretty sure I'd be great friends with anyone who has these babes on their tree...
fun, fun, fun!!


  1. Only in NOLA would I expect cheeky YMCA ornaments, they would look out of place almost anywhere else. Those are hilarious, I think you need at least a couple, better make a trip back to the store to pick up some.

  2. Hilarious! You'd better go back to get those!!

  3. Your big gay ornament collage brings me to my "sassy gay friend" moment of the day. I'm at work tonight talking to two attendees for the convention we have in. They where complaining nit picking about the hotel and how it needs to be updated. WELL Mr Hairspray/foundation says to me "and when we checked in our room had 2 queens and no king"........yep-try keeping a straight face. They where fabulous though. I sent them a bottle of wine & fruit/cheese and all was right with the world !

  4. haha, Shari.....I would have had a hard time, too!
    and girl, you do need a few of those to hang next to your leg lamp!


  5. looks like "family" to me! love the blog!