Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Gone Wild!

Fireplace mantle
As I have addressed before in this blog, I have decorating ADD...there's no denying it, so I might as well own it.  I get sick of things pretty fast.  That is especially true when it comes to holiday decor.  I've done the red and green, silver, gold, burgundy..the list is endless.  What could I do this year to spice things up a bit, and not break the bank?

One of the zillion bows I made this year,
and one of my vintage Santas.
As I was trudging through Sam's of all places, I ran across this cheetah print ribbon...or is it leopard print...hmmmm....I can't tell.....and had a lightbulb moment.  An animal Christmas it would be!!!

I began furiously making bows...don't ask me how many...I lost count, but I did use two 50 ft. bolts, plus about 1/2 of another bolt.  My poor hands are still cramped and gnarled.

Now I'm not one to completely redo my tree.  I use the same sentimental ornaments year after year, but I do like to stick in a few new ornaments to go with my new theme.  I was beyond thrilled when I ran across these cheetah/leopard ornaments at Pier One, and the feather and glitzy ones at Wal Mart of all places.  This animal thing is going to work out after all!

The inspiration ornaments

Let me just say that despite a zillion non-working lights this year, my handy, beyond patient, husband managed to get everything fixed so that Christmas could go on as planned.  For a while there, I thought we were going to have to cancel this year.  I didn't want to alarm any of you until we knew if he could get everything working again, but have no can now all enjoy your Christmases....the lights are working!

This Santa has stood proudly on my mantle for years. 
He's trying to determine if we've been naughty or nice...poor guy.

This slim topiary tree sits in the coner of the living room

I love to just curl up on the sofa at night with the lights all aglow and 
the Christmas music softly playing in the background and enjoy the peace and quiet...on the rare occasion that it is actually peaceful and quiet

And finally....the tree!!
 This is just a taste of our Christmas decor....stay tuned for Christmas Gone Wild...the sequel!


  1. Stunning...Beautiful...elegant and oh, so chic!!!! You have the best tastes!!!!!

  2. I love it! I tend to do the same old thing in a lot of areas of my house. I like that you are willing to spice things up!

  3. I love it, too! I wish you were next door, I'd LET you come and help me......hahaha.....
    Everything looks so almost inspires me. I've got too little get up to get up and get it done!


  4. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!!

  5. Shannon, I love how you thought outside the box for this years decorations and the fact that you didn't have to mortgage the house to pay for them. Your home looks warm and inviting, thanks so much for sharing your home and stop selling yourself short on your abilities, everything looks fantastic.

  6. Shannon, you really have a knack for decorating. Your home really is ready for a magazine spread. I would be so proud to have come up with this for my customers. You did a fabulous job! Thanks for sharing the pictures and enjoy the results of all your ideas and work! :)


  7. I love all of them!!! It looks like a house furnished for a movie set or a great, funky bed and breakfast.

  8. "Stunning...Beautiful...elegant and oh, so chic!!!! You have the best tastes!!!!!"

    What Michelle said.