Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Muffuletta...quite possibly the best sandwich in the world

Now, if you took my advice from last week and organized a Mardi Gras party (and it's not too late people), complete with King Cake, you might be looking for something more substantial to serve with it. 
Well, look no more!

One of my very favorite sandwiches in the world is the Muffuletta.  If New Orleans had a flavor, this would be it.  

Muffulettas are customarily made with a large, round sesame seed bread that looks like this...

 but I prefer them on a good, crusty French Bread.  To me, you just get to taste more of the good stuff that way...less bread, more meat, cheese and olive salad.

Here's what you'll need

Good Italian Olive Salad
Genoa Salami
Provolone Cheese
French Bread (or any crisp crusted bread)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Cut bread in half lengthwise.

Take a little of the oil from the Italian olive salad mix and spread it on the bottom half of the bread.

Place ham on bread

Okay, that pan is not dirty.  It's my trusty Pampered Chef stone.

Put generous layer of mortadella on top of ham

Place salami on top of mortadella

Put Provolone cheese on top of salami

Bake at 400 degrees for about 15 mins. or so
(until cheese begins to melt and meats are heated through).

Add olive salad to top side of bread and place in the oven for about the last 5 mins.

To me, the olive salad is the star of the show.  Without it, you're basically eating a ham and cheese sandwich.

When it comes out, it will look something like this.

..and I just had to add this picture because I am literally drooling.

Flip olive salad filled tops carefully over onto bottom half, cut and enjoy.

Look at the yummy sheen of the olive salad oil on the bread

This is not considered a true Muffuletta, it's more of a Frenchuletta due to the difference in breads.  Also, some Muffulettas aren't baked, but I like it better this way.  It allows the flavors to blend and become one big, warm, happy family.

Give this New Orleans classic a try...with or without the King Cake.

  It's like a party in your mouth!!!


  1. Ok, I'm drooling now. That looks delicious!

  2. May I order one of those for Tuesday, March 29th. please? This looks super delicious.

    Actually, as luck would have it I just happen to have a big jar of Italian (being politically correct) Olive Salad in my pantry.

  3. Yowsers! Yum! Wow! I would love to try this. I have never heard of mortadella before. Do you suppose they have that in my parts? Shannon, this looks so very good. Wouldn't it be great served on a blue plate? ;)

    Some fine day I definitely would love to visit your fab city.