Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Are they filming Caddyshack 2 in my front yard??

 The gopher steals the show

No, even though my front yard looks like a pack (is it a pack, a herd...that just sounds weird...anyway...) of gophers have taken up residence in my front yard, it's nothing as glamorous and Hollywood as that.   

We...and by "we" I mean my sainted husband...spent the entire 3 day Memorial Day weekend installing a sprinkler/drainage system in our front yard. 

When we built our home 9 years ago, we did the sprinklers in the back yard and it was our intention to do the front yard as soon as we got settled in.  As oftentimes happens, life got in the way and we kept putting other projects first.  The recent droughts have made us push this one back to the top of the list.  I guess that means we're as "settled in" as we'll ever be. 
Now I have visions of redoing parts of the landscape....digging up underperforming shrubs, replacing them with pest free, disease free plants...yeah, vanquishing weeds FOREVAH....I said it was a "vision" along with me.

Never thought I'd be so happy to see my yard torn to shreds....all in the name of progress and a beautiful lawn!!!

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  1. Your sainted hubby has been busy. Please share pictures of your "vision" when your done.