Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I can't breathe...the story of me and the Neti pot

Neti pot

Isn't that a cute little pot?  Almost looks like you could rub it and have a genie pop out and grant your every wish.  Or maybe you could put flowers in it and use it as a centerpiece.  Uh no....not see, this little ceramic miracle is what I use each and every morning to flush my sinuses.  That's right....flush my sinuses.  I'll give you a minute to compose yourself. 

It's called a Neti pot and it could become your best friend.

I suffer from year round sinus and allergy issues, and can't take sinus meds.  So every morning, I heat up a cup of distilled water, add 1/4 tsp of Kosher salt, pour it in this baby and proceed to tilting my head and pouring it into my nostril.  It goes in one nostril, and out the other.  Really, calm's not nearly as bad as it sounds.  I thought about making a video to show y'all (and believe me, there are plenty of them on youtube), but I somehow didn't think y'all would appreciate seeing me cleanse my sinus cavities.  You can thank me later.

It's not a miracle fix.  I still suffer, but I guess not as much; and I can definitely say I haven't had nearly as many colds since I started using this over 6 years ago.  Guess the daily flushing helps keep those pesky little germs from getting in there and taking root. 

It's that time of year when everyone seems to be suffering.  You might want to give the old Neti pot a try.


  1. Couldn't survive without my neti pot. In fact, I've used it morning and evening a few times this week. It is definately a miracle pot.

  2. You pour it in your nose????? I had no idea. I always assumed that you poured hot water in this thing then breathed in the steam. Something new I learned already today.

  3. I wish I'd known about this when my dad was still living. I'm certain that this could have helped his sinus troubles.

    Don't you love that you can use this and don't have to take medicine? I use a steroid nose spray every single day and haven't had hardly any trouble with colds or sinus issues since I started using it. I do fear that I may be addicted to it!

  4. I need to get brave enough and give it a try. Glad it works for you.

  5. Y'all keep talking about these and I can't find the courage to try it...just seems icky! LOL