Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A case of the deep south winter blahs.

This is how I something tropical, surrounded by ice.
Sorry I haven't been around much.  Apparently, I've gone into hybernation mode with this nasty cold weather.  I know you Yankees won't have much sympathy for me, whining about temps in the 50's, or even 30's, but I just can't stand it. 
If it's below 70 degrees, it's winter to me.

This at least gives me hope that spring is near.

I'm one of those freaks of nature that loves heat and humidity.  I don't even complain in August, and if you've ever experienced August in New Orleans, that's saying something, believe me.  I want my flip flops and tank tops, not boots and sweaters.  I'm sick of wearing winter clothes, sick of eating winter food, sick of having the heater on, sick of flannel sheets (okay, maybe not 'cause I do love my flannel sheets), sick of covering plants, sick of coming home from work in the dark....sick, sick, sick of winter.  And here's a disclaimer...these photos weren't even taken this winter.  It hasn't been THAT cold this winter.  These are from a few years ago, but I guess the misery of that kind of cold has seeped into my bones.  I have no hope of thawing out until April.

There, I'm finished complaining....for today.  Pity Party over.  
Now where are my gloves and scarf?


  1. Come and sit by me! I am done...done, do you hear me??? I am so ready for Spring (or at least sunshine). Your Hibiscus looks so sad. My camelias (which should be delivering pops of reds and pinks everywhere) are sad, with just brown mush to show for their efforts. Bahumbug!

  2. I'll bet you'll get some warm weather your way before you know it!

    I like winter because there's not as much work to do. I only have the house to worry about, not the yard.

    I do prefer summer and I'd take heat over cold any day!

  3. I'll join your pity party. I am so ready for warm weather.

    It suppose to be 58 in my neck of the woods Saturday. That makes me happy.

  4. I just told Mr. Brown Socks tonight I wish it were still light out at 7:00. We'd be outside instead of looking at the clock ready for bedtime! It's ccoooolllddd here too. We are excited for 40's this Friday!

  5. Please please have warm weather on tap when I get there, its the only thing keeping me going right now Shannon.