Monday, February 21, 2011

I introduce you to Meatless Monday!

Where's the beef? 
Well, on Mondays you won't be finding it here my friends.

In an effort to get my family healthier, we are now going to observe Meatless Monday.  I've heard chatter about this and thought I would do a little research.   I had no clue it was such a big movement.  Why go meatless?  Well the benefits are too numerous for me to mention here, but my big motivation is health.  We are not vegetarians or vegans, and never will be.  I think we eat a pretty healthy diet, but we are definitely carnivores, especially my husband.  And well, without getting too "green" here, it just feels environmentally responsible to try this. 

So, henceforth, on Mondays I will share a new meatless recipe with you.  This is especially challenging for me, since I also try to limit carbs, but it's doable. 

I work full time, and go to the gym for an hour after work, so I don't have time to cook complex gourmet meals.  Don't expect recipes that require 30 ingredients and 4 hours to cook.  These will be simple...pasta, beans, sometimes just salad.  I will  occasionally include seafood (I live in South Louisiana... give me a break... and I MUST do my part to promote the safety of Gulf Seafood)...heck, some weeks I may only be able to muster a grilled cheese sandwich.  This is real life folks.   Tonight's recipe will be featured next Monday.

I invite you to join me, or at least give it some thought.  It's one day a week.  Think of it as an adventure.   A chance to broaden your horizons, try new recipes, expose your tastebuds to something new, and maybe make yourself a little healthier in the process. 

You'll also be making cows just a little happier.


  1. You know, I am trying to take this seriously but that smiling cow is NOT helping!

  2. I'm loving the grinning cow too!

    Great idea and I look forward to your recipes.

  3. Rats, I was going to start this with you today but we had leftovers from yesterday. It was rice with veggies but there was chicken on top. I'll try to do better next Monday.